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Testimonials for Face Values

Firstly thank you to all you girls in the salon for all your support and recommendations. You have been there for anything I have needed and advised me every step of the way as well as listened to me talk about my skin for hours on end!! Having had acne since my teens (I'm now 34 and still struggle with it) and the resulting scars and pigmentation and dull complexion, there have been times in my life when it has really depressed me and stopped me from doing things.

I really have tried everything to cure my skin in the past, including Chinese herbs, antibiotics from my doctor and creams prescribed by a dermatologist. This is on top of all the skin care ranges and products I have tried from herbal soaps to expensive brands like Clarins, Estée Lauder and even Creme de la Mer and medicated creams bought in other countries that we aren't allowed to buy over the counter in the UK! Each time I spend a fortune on my latest venture and they either make little or no improvement or only improve my skin for a short time when I start using it and then the acne breaks through again. So although I am willing to pay almost anything to improve my bad skin, I am always dubious at parting with a large amount of money to buy a range of products and not know for definite the outcome, and I did feel nervous at first paying around £200 for the six products I needed to start the Nimue programme. It has turned out to be the best £200 I have spent. Relatively quickly I could see a difference in my skin even though initially I went through a transitional outbreak, but I persevered with lots of help from the girls in the salon and it has made such a difference. Even if I do get a pimple or two, the Nimue heals them so quickly that they never last more than a couple of days, whereas before I have had spots that have lasted over a week.

My skin is now smooth and the acne scars are getting significantly less all the time, some have already gone completely and for the first time since I can remember my skin has a glow and a sheen to it and looks healthy. Everyone close to me has noticed a difference enough to comment, especially my mum, who is my most honest advisor and she can't get over the improvement and is equally as pleased on my behalf I think! I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone suffering from problematic skin. I can't believe the difference it has made to my skin and I am still in the early stages of the whole programme, so to think my skin will improve even more as I carry on is so exciting. I am thrilled with the results and can't imagine I could go back to using anything else. Having my skin clear up like this has really improved my confidence in how I look, and I feel confident wearing less make up and know I don't look terrible anymore even without any on at all. When I put makeup on it now sits really well on my skin and takes so much less of my time to apply as I don't have acne to try and disguise. I am getting so used to having clear skin that if I do get a couple of spots I am so disappointed! In the past I'd have been thrilled to only have a couple of spots instead of about twenty on my face, but I almost can't remember how bad it was as you quickly get used to looking better! The products seem to last a long time. Out of the original six products I bought to start the programme nearly six months ago I have only replaced two of them and the other four aren't even close to running out so they don't cost any more to upkeep than any other quality face product.


I have been coming to Face Values for over 15 years now and throughout that time have never doubted that it is the best salon in the UK. Whilst travelling around on business I will often book in a massage or a facial to pass the time in far-flung hotels, but always with a sense of trepidation because I know it will be worse than at Face Values, the question is how much worse – because in all this time no salon has ever been able to attain the same level of service, atmosphere and phenomenal treatments that you always know you will get at Face values. When I first came to Face Values I was having terrible trouble with my skin and despite trying all sorts of products, nothing worked, after this my skin has been wonderful and I often get comments on how great it looks, Face Values have been with me though greasy youthful skin, to dry sun-damaged and now to ageing skin! Whenever I am feeling run down or stressed out I will book in at Face Values for some TLC as I feel that I am being welcomed by friends and treated like royalty – thanks so much ladies for everything.


I have been a client of Face Values, since Lynn’s early days approximately 25-27 years ago, and have nothing but praise firstly, for the reception and welcome one receives, which they never fail to give.  And secondly, having occasionally sampled other beauticians over the years, I have never found the level of commitment and sincerity that Face Values seem to find so easy. The level of expertise and knowledge is ‘second to none’ at Face Values, and it’s clear that each beautician is genuinely interested and passionate about their client’s care.  I never fail to feel really good after an appointment, whatever it may be for.

I think it takes a special type of beautician who is able to instil a sense that the client is receiving first class treatment, complimented by really good advice.


Five Star definitely.

Lynne and all the staff at Face Values are a treasure. I have been coming here for 15 yrs. The relaxing treatments and environment are One in a Million.If I feel fed up, look rubbish or feel in need of some TLC Face Values never let's me down. Facials ,Massage and Reiki have assisted me in my wellbeing over the years.Thanks Face Values!


Great little salon.Love the ambiance the treatments the advice the staff and the pampering.


I had the most wonderful facial at Face Values.I found the whole experience unbelievably relaxing and enjoyed every minute of it. As a new customer I was welcomed very warmly and made to feel right at home the moment I stepped through the door. The beautician was excellent in explaining the products she was using, but not over the top. I can’t wait to return for another facial soon.


Warm and friendly, that's how it feels at Face Values.Pleasant staff, pleasant surroundings, it's a pleasure to go to…Makes you feel good after the treatments, you also can see the results of the treatments.


Face Values is the only Salon I would ever go to. I feel so lucky to have such a brilliant Salon locally. Lynn and the team always make you feel welcome and relaxed. The dedication and professionalism is second to none. I have total confidence in all the team, and enjoy every visit. The Salon is very relaxing.


I have only been a client at Face Values for 12 months and was attracted to the salon because of their brilliant website that advertised 30 years of experience. The salon is always friendly, welcoming, accommodating when switching appointments and extremely professional. Emails are posted with special offers and treatments are explained and adjusted to suit different needs.Visiting Face Values is a very relaxing experience!


Delighted to give you all a glowing report!Not a regular for beauty treatments but for the essentials in hair removal from all parts of the body - I can only commend you all. Personal and relaxed atmosphere excellent.


Just wanted to say how much you and the staff provide such a professional but friendly service. The salon is clean and inviting and the girls never skimp on the time they spend providing the various treatments.I would have no reservations in recommending the salon to any of my friends.


I have been coming to Face Values for a few years. The staff are lovely and the treatment is excellent, the prices are also reasonable.


I have been attending the Salon for nearly 2yrs now…The standard of treatments are excellent and I have never been disappointed in any of the treatments I have had. I have visited many other salons in the area and this is a level above. 100% professional service from the booking stage right through to the treatments. Lynne & her girls make you feel really welcome and it such a lovely environment. I truly look forward and love going in for an appointment “even if it’s for a wax” The balance of the team is just right and all the girls make you feel comfortable and are very easy to chat with.It’s my little bit of beauty therapy and life therapy at the end on my road! Well Done Face Values you have got it right!


I moved to the area just over a year ago and started to visit Face Values regularly for back massage, facials, waxing and even lost inches by purchasing a package on their Slendertone machine! The salon is always immaculate and the team take pride in ensuring you are made to feel welcome as soon as you step foot inside. Everyone at the salon is extremely friendly and approachable. I felt comfortable and valued from the moment I walked in and made my first booking. Lynne is particularly fantastic as on only my second visit, I had some bad news and was a wreck, crying everywhere. Lynne was great and made me feel better by just letting me 'get it all out'. Even after such a performance from me, I never felt embarrassed at the salon. Lynne even texted me later, on her own time, to see how I was. This was above and beyond normal customer service. Lynne and the team work extremely hard and thoroughly deserve to win this award for the second year in a row.


I have no hesitation in saying that Face Values is the most outstanding Beauty Salon in this area. I have been a customer here for over 40 years and have always received first class treatment. Very high standards have been maintained in all areas year after year. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and clients can be confident that their best interests are dealt with effectively.


I have been going to face values for some thirty two years. That in itself speaks volumes. Lynne along with her team run a highly professional salon. The customer service and attentiveness and friendliness of the team is excellent. The salon is warm and welcoming. They offer a great range of treatments. Lynne ensures all her staff are trained to the highest standard and keeps up to date on new products and treatments. Every visit is a delight.


I highly recommend Face Values Beauty Salon as one of the most professional salons that I have visited in my extensive experience, both personally and professionally. It is rare to find the combined balance of a friendly welcome along with an efficient service but Lynne and her team manage this effortlessly. The wide range of beauty treatments available ensure a relaxed and pampered experience…


The staff are always friendly and welcoming. Their knowledge of all products is enviable, tips and demonstrations on the use of products are readily given. I have been a client for 10 years, and will continue to stay loyal for the foreseeable future. Keep up the good work!


My daughter and I have been clients at Face Values for some time now. It's just a wonderful place to escape the worries of the world and relax whilst enjoying any number of beauty treatments and massages and leave feeling pampered and refreshed by their delightful staff - it's like a breath of fresh air!! I always look forward to my next appointment.


Face Values is true to its name, which is one of the reasons it has so many satisfied and loyal customers. The staff are invariably warm, courteous and highly professional; the salon is maintained to a very high standard, making it a welcoming, pleasant and comfortable place to visit, and the client is at the heart of this valued local business, which I am delighted to have been patronising for over fifteen years now! Face Values is competitively priced, it provides an excellent level of service and it deserves to go on succeeding.

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